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As an urban social practice highlights alternative ways we apply ourselves, re-organizing, being more effective, archiving more with less with in the office environment. We are of the opinion that it’s a typical sign that the healing proses have started after a big event such as an economical slowdown. We refer to it as a slowdown rather then a crisis thus as we believe a positive mine is key. In the twenty-first century we are forced to compete globally that is if we want any form in stability in our currency for one. Yes, there are other factors to such as political stability.

As CreativeBox Office park our thoughts as follow; Lets focus on what we can change and eventually the rest will follow. Isn’t it always better to be part of a solution? We as CreativeBox office park therefore have a focus on start-up’s, a believe that trough Co-Working, more will have the confidence to venture out, grow and provide much needed employment.
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