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Looking To Rent Shared Office Space In a Creative Environment:

Join our group of creative entrepreneurs at CreativeBox Co-Work office park. Be part to our new creative energy!

Our Rental Offer Includes:

* Month to Month Office Rentals

* Commercial Letting – With No Deposit

* Shuttle Service to Gautrain Daily

* Boardrooms | Video Conf. | Projectors

* Hot-Desk | 24/7 Online Booking Dairy

* Office Hours 8:00AM to 8:00PM

    * -Rental Plan” A” R 995p/m

     * -Rental Plan “B” R 995p/m Promotion

Our Co-Working Space and Office Amenities

Creative Co-Work Hot Desk

Co-Work Shared Hot Desk

Boardrooms & Creative Spaces

Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms
Windows 10 + Office 2016 Workstations
Microsoft Office Workstations
Daily Shuttle Service – Gautrain
Free Daily Shuttle Service – Gautrain

CreativeBox Shared Co-Work Office Space Johannesburg

We Offer Co-Work and Shared Office Space like no other. Be part of our new creative energy

Who Rent From Us

CreativeBox caters specifically for creative entrepeneurs: Designers of all sorts; web designers, photographers, architects, all media artists, tech start-ups and individuals from a wide variety of digital, creative entrepreneurial professions.

Creating Professional Office Space Trough Simplicity !

Our members spend 2 or 3 days a week at CreativeBox. Some are part of the furniture and others pop in very rarely! Most of our desks are shared on a first come first served basis, you’ll find yourself sat alongside different people with different ideas every day. Being mindful that all shared facilities are included at no additional cost to members, booking of facilities is essential via our online web-portal this to avoid disappointment.

CreativeBox Professional Co-Work Office Amenities:

* High Speed Internet

* Wifi & Ethernet

* Meeting Room

* Drawing & Design Room

* Win PC with Corel & Vinyl Cutter

* Colour Printing | Scanning | Copping

* Secure Off-Street Parking Members

* Tea Coffee and Beverage Bar

* Computer Room Seating 6 With

Windows 10 Microsoft

Office Pro Microsoft Projects

Microsoft Projects

* The White Canvas Room

* 24h CCTV for Security

* 50 Gig Onsite Secure Data storage

* Cleaning Services

* Kitchen

* Overhead Projector for Presentations

* Private Voicemail

* 60 % Of Complex UPS Power

* Lounge area

* Video Conferencing

Renting Co-Work Office Space from CreativeBox

CreativeBox Services and Amenities
Co-Work Shared Office Work Space
Working at CreativeBox Co-Work Office Park
Frequently asked questions:
Our offering is turnkey with the creative entrepreneurs in mind
What’s the dress code?
There isn’t one (although if you turned up dressed in a monkey costume you’d be the first).
How long is the contract?
Is there a office receptionist
No. Our members generally look after the space as if it were their own. When you’re expecting visitors they’ll be greeted on arrival by yourself or a fellow member.
What hours can I Keep?
Monday to Friday 8 AM to 8PM.
Who else works at the CreativeBox?
A wide variety of people at various stages of their careers, primarily working in digital and creative professions.
Who is answering the phone
While most of us utilise our mobile phones these days, each member will receive a unique extension number and private voicemail box. This allows you to remain proffesional even those times that you simply can’t get to the phone.
This is sounding good already. How much is it going to cost me?
Price Plan "A" R 995.00 p/m
Price Plan "B" R 1795.00 p/m inclusive of all available facilities.
About Us
CreativeBox, the place where creative minds, ambitious individuals and future trend setters make it happen. Experience the energy of our office environment, the people around You and the facilities we offer. CreativeBox brings You a unique business offering: it’s Your office, Your playground, your bouncing board a space that allows you to develop You, Your products, Your services and Your company. At the CreativeBox be the best YOU

t CreativeBox You will be surrounded by talented people, have an opportunity to collaborate with peers with a focus on learning, growth and prosperity. Our members are entrepreneurs, freelancers, investors, start-up teams and otherwise curious minds, united by at ambition to make an impact. Beyond the practical solution, we've created an environment where Your natural curiosity can inspire creativity and innovation.
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